I haven’t watched Korra
and I don’t think I ever will


It’s not like I think it’s a bad show it’s just
i fell like if I watch it my childhood will be gone…the show I grew up on would be replaced.
I won’t have it.
Toph is still a young blind bad ass and I’m sticking to it.

Confession #3

I’m still inspired and stuck on the younger version of Avatar…
moving on to Korra would rip my heart out and I”m just not ready for that.
Not yet.
They are my childhood….watching them grow up would remind me too much that I’m not a child any more…
It’s depressing you know?

Confession #2

I believe Toph has a bigger sensitive side to her then what appeared in the show. I believe she has the ability to break down over something small only because her past was so messed up in her eyes.


I wouldn’t be surprised if I rp Toph crying over someone at some point.

Confession #1

I don’t ship Toph with anyone.

She’s too hard core for silly relationships.